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Leadership That Works

Last weekend, I participated in the Governance Institute for Student Success sponsored by the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT). MCCCD was represented by five of the seven Board members, the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor, and nine college presidents. Most of the Arizona community college districts participated with a board/leadership team.  During one of the sessions, nine practices of highly effective colleges were shared. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that PVCC consistently engages in all nine of the identified practices – I’ve paraphrased them below.

  • Leaders and faculty pay continuous attention to progress on the student success agenda;
  • A culture of evidence and inquiry is pervasive in tracking student learning and success data with strong support of the Institutional Research unit;
  • There is strong collaboration between faculty, staff and the community in support of student learning and success;
  • Planning and budgeting are aligned with the student success agenda;
  • A sense of urgency drives the student success agenda;
  • Policies and practices are developed with a sustained focus on student learning and success;
  • Faculty and staff professional development is valued for all;
  • The student success agenda is aligned with accreditation criteria; and
  • Student success interventions are informed by and adopted from proven effective practices.

Your collective work – whether it is on the Strategic Planning Steering Team (SPST), College Leadership Council (CLC), unit or division leadership, or the Budget Development Steering Team (BDST) – is very much appreciated. It is rewarding to know that our good leadership work is aligned with national best practice – but more importantly that our efforts do increase student learning and success. Thank you.


MCCCD Budget Update

This weekend Chancellor Glasper shared this statement regarding the outcome of the Governor’s signed budget for FY16 “Maricopa is officially at zero funding after this fiscal year and are removed from the statute for operational and capital funding moving forward.”  Vice Chancellor Thompson also commented “…there is no plan at this time to make operational budget reductions in the General Fund…” 

In light of the move by the State to no longer fund the Maricopa Community Colleges, please review the two articles linked below that speak directly and powerfully to the efficacy of the work we do.

Jack W. Lunsford , CEO of the Arizona Community College Coordinating Council, which comprises the leaders of Arizona’s 10 community college districts, writes how “Community Colleges Make Arizona Richer.”

Paul J. Luna is President/CEO of Helios Education Foundation and Tommy Espinoza is President/CEO of Raza Development Fund, write on the role of the Maricopa Community Colleges in “Bridging the Latino Achievement Gap.”

MCCCD will continue to move in entrepreneurial directions to identify new and innovative  sources of funding and I will keep up updated on the specific impact on PVCC.

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