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Early Childhood Education Leading the Way

Last week I had the pleasure to provide a brief welcome to a state-wide early childhood education professional development event organized and led by PVCC early childhood faculty Christie Colunga and Ana Stigsson.  Not only was the event remarkable as evidenced by the internationally known presenters – Dr. Peter Moss, Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision , University of College London and Mariana Castagnetti, with the Reggio Children Center (she Skyped in live from Italy), but the event epitomized what is best about bringing learning live in a learning-centered college. The session focused on understanding the contributions of Loris Malaguzzi and the schools of Reggio Emilia.

At the highest levels, early childhood education epitomizes positive social change. The driving premise is that all children in Arizona under the age of five are provided access to the very best and enriching learning opportunities. In order for this aspirational goal to be realized, professionals whom work in the early childhood arena must be ably prepared with the most current and effective learning strategies and approaches. PVCC’s early childhood education is a primary provider of such professional development.

Please join me in recognizing Christie and Ana as they clearly and effectively demonstrate the delivery of employee and organizational learning in order to achieve the needed positive social change in support of the education and learning of young children in Arizona.


Welcome to Summer 2018


Welcome to the start of summer and the beginning work to prepare for an outstanding upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. With the official end of our 30th Anniversary celebratory year, 2018-2019 marks the first year of new excellence as we begin the next 30 years of excelling as a learning-centered college.

During our end-of-year all-employee gathering, I shared a number of projects that we will engage in during this “summer of building for the future.” These projects are noted below.

Shaping our Spaces

  • Renovation of 10,000 sq ft of Q for the new Integrated Health Services Center
  • Enhancement of student spaces in the E Building and further visioning for an integrated learning center
  • Improvement of the outdoor learning spaces in the G,H, K Courtyard

Building our Team

  • New faculty hires: Nursing, Biology, English, General Business, CIS, Engineering/Physics
  • Re-establishing our marketing unit
  • Filling the vacant Director of Development position

Building and Strengthening Programs

  • Continued work on Guided Pathways and alignment with Puma Pathways
  • Further work on Critical Thinking Academy
  • Re-introducing the pre-engineering program
  • Enhancing our Student Success Initiative targeting new students
  • Addressing critical educational attainment equity gaps

Additionally, during our all-employee meeting, I recognized several faculty and staff as recipients of the Puma Pin award

  • Terri Siemer – for her outstanding leadership of the custodial team
  • Jon Storslee – for his service as Faculty Senate President 2016-2018
  • Carolyn Miller – for her service as classified staff representative 2016-2018
  • Ellen Hedlund – for her leadership of the college’s 30th Anniversary celebrations
  • John Douglass – for his long-term leadership of the Honors program and work with undergraduate research

While the summer of 2018 will be focused and productive on the work at hand, I ask that all of us find time this summer to maintain life balance and carve out time to relax, refresh and re-energize.


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