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PVCC and U2 – Common Bond of Positive Social Change

On Tuesday evening of this week, while at the U2 Joshua Tree concert, my one allowed work related thought in between Bono’s captivating vocals and The Edge’s guitar riffs was that the legendary band U2 and PVCC have much more in common than a shared 30th Anniversary Celebration. Their seminal album The Joshua Tree (the 2017 tour moniker) was released in 1987 the same year that PVCC opened its doors to students.  More importantly, U2 and PVCC share a common bond around positive social change. Their anthem One was released with all of the proceeds going to AIDS research and is often attributed to their social justice causes. Their music is a means to a greater end. Just as learning at PVCC is a means to a greater end – positive social change as exemplified, for example, by the thousands of hours our students give back to the community through volunteerism and service.

Also this week, I was privileged to recommend five of our retired faculty for emeritus status – Umar Sharif, Jeanne Franco, Karen Kabrich, Sherry Adams, and Donna Rebadow – all exemplary teachers and champions of student success. During their acceptance comments, both Sherry and Donna presented compelling student stories and living, vivid examples of how they leveraged student learning to yield greater positive social change for our communities. I must say it was a U2 concert-like moment!

Last night, under the direction of Drs. Scinto, Reed, and Kelly, PVCC was rocked into the night at the Musical Tribute to 1987 – Rock vs. New Wave concert. All the proceeds from the concert go to a scholarship to support the pathway between Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center and PVCC. So even our concerts are tied to positive social change – creating access for potentially at-risk students to come to college. With all due respect to U2, the Union 32 All Star Band can play! Their closing set was especially powerful – it was a PVCC concert moment that rocked my musical heart and soul.


PVCC News – Four Weeks Into the Semester

Welcome to the fourth week of the semester. As we all know, this is a critical week for students – especially those students new to PVCC. Please take some extra time to reach out, connect, and remind all our students how much we value and support them as engage learners.

In this video blog, I provide updates on a number of key college activities. My thanks to Miguel Saucedo for his continued excellent and creative video work for the college.

In future editions watch for updates on the Critical Thinking Academy, Guided Pathways, and the amazing success of our ACE program.

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