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What’s on my Mind? – PVCC’s 5th Annual Campaign

 Greetings all, 

This week Lori Espinoza, Jenny Weitz, and Mike Ho share why they are helping lead the 5th Annual Employee Fund Raising Campaign.

Take a look!

In addition to Lori, Jenny, and Mike, my very special thanks goes out to the rest of the Annual Campaign Leadership Team: Dan Donahue, Alison Livingston, Dale Heuser, Mary Early, Loretta Mondragon, and Kent Shadburne.

Your thoughtful consideration to give to this year’s effort is very much appreciated.



What’s on My Mind? – National Library Week


This week it is my pleasure to have a conversation with Paula Crossman – one of our amazing librarians – about National Library Week. Not only do  libraries support and engage our learners in information literacy, but equally as important libraries historically have served as a critical link in preserving our democracy.  I invite to you to take a look.



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