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PVCC Faculty Leading Critical Thinking Initiative

As part of our Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Persistence and Completion Project, faculty members Felicia Ramirez and Christine Tabone are leading – what I believe will be nationally recognized – an effort to integrate critical thinking learning across the curriculum at PVCC. Their hypothesis is that deeper, cross-discipline critical thinking will positively impact student persistence and completion.

Please take a look at their introductory comments – you will be impressed with their passion and leadership with this initiative.


Reflections of Vincent Tinto

Last week I shared several reflections from Vincent Tinto’s keynote presentation at the recent MCCCD Student Success Conference.  Continuing that dialogue, here are several memorable quotes from Tinto.

“Students don’t seek to be retained they seek to persist and {we} must act in ways to cause students to want to persist.”

 “High expectations matter and students will rise to what is expected of them.”

 “Our object is not retention it is learning.”

I know that we are all faced with a significant number of system issues (One Maricopa Workforce, implementation of three new enterprise systems, transition to a centralized marketing function, new HLC faculty hiring qualifications, etc.). With all of these albeit important systemic transformations, it is easy to be distracted from our core purpose of teaching, learning, student engagement, success and completion.

Amidst this organizational change, I was grounded in another of Tinto’s comments, he said “…{students} desire to exist…they want to matter…especially given the life challenges they face.” Thank you for constantly circling back to our focus as a learning-centered college and making student success our ultimate goal.


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