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The Medrano Affect

Those of us who were able to attend Reyes Medrano’s Celebration of Life service today heard in-person the impact Reyes made on all those he touched throughout his life. Often times we compartmentalize our teaching and learning lives in a box – whether in an academic subject matter space, the defined role as a faculty member, or the physical college itself. While I was blessed to know Reyes for over 20 years and “counseled” by him during a number of walks across campus, it was not until today that I fully appreciated his humanity.

Reyes touched all of us in the greater context of right and wrong, loving compassion for those historically left-out, and on a more personal level our own innate – yet unrealized – human potential.  I know now that he was not really helping me become a better college president, he was helping me become a better person. I know now more fully that you can live a life of positive social change – not through self-proclamation, but by living a life of good social deeds as evidenced by action. Through the remembrances shared today of Reyes, I know now more fully that human relations transcend labels, roles, and status to a place of committed embrace and respect.

Reyes’s Celebration of Life was officiated by PVCC’s founding president, Dr. John Cordova, who challenged all of us to carry on in a life of friendship, mentorship and most of all service.  Perhaps it is unfortunate that it takes a celebration of the life of our colleague to be reminded of the greater purposes we all have.


Early College Program Success

PVCC is building excellent pathways for high school students to earn college credit. Please take a moment to learn more about the success of our Early College programs with Dr. Audrey Fresques who provides insight into why these programs are so successful.

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