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Happenings Around Campus

This edition of What’s on My Mind touches on the recent sights and sounds of PVCC, a brief summary of our planning priorities for the upcoming budget cycle, and a preview of the grand opening of U of A North Valley Center located on our campus.

Please take a look.


Welcoming New Students – Fall 2016



Welcome to Fall semester 2016.

Students who thrive at PVCC continue to tell us “ …it is all about relationships.” As we welcome new students on campus this week, I thought I’d share some practical advice.

  • Intentionally reach out and greet students. “Can I help you find something today?” “Is there something I can help you with?” “Hi welcome to PVCC.” Make a commitment to greet ten students a day during the first week.
  • If you can, walk with a student to the office or area to which you have directed them.
  • Look for students who may need help (i.e. students looking at the College directories/maps, students walking around campus holding their class schedule, and students with that “lost look”)
  • Be an advocate for the great programs at PVCC – Emerging Leaders, Peer Mentors, Orientation Leaders, Honors, Diversity Inc.
  • Know the factors that favorably impact student success –  through our Puma Pathways – that fosters a student’s ability to: establish meaningful relationships with other students, faculty, and staff; create meaningful connections to the College; establish connections between why they are here and where they plan to be in the future (goal setting); navigate through our systems, processes and procedures (know the rules – how to play the game); and get involved on campus.

                                                                               – Complied by the New Students@PVCC Task Force

My very best wishes to all for a wonderfully successfully Fall 2016 semester.

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