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Early College Program Success

PVCC is building excellent pathways for high school students to earn college credit. Please take a moment to learn more about the success of our Early College programs with Dr. Audrey Fresques who provides insight into why these programs are so successful.


Guided Pathways

Greetings Colleagues,

The College Leadership Council recently held their first meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to “kick off” our work around championing the College’s four strategic priorities for the year (paraphrased below).

1.1 Increase student success, retention and completion

1.1.2 – Close education attainment gaps for targeted student populations

2.3 – Align occupational programs, courses, and skills with current workforce needs

3.2 – Leverage efforts around sustainability to achieve top-level distinction among community colleges

Embedded in our student success priorities is the notion that we can do a better job to show students a clear and concise pathway to transfer, completion and/or career placement. It is also important to note that all national models around the pathway construct identify enhancing the learning experience as a foundational principle. Our work to implement Guided Pathways through the “Puma Pathway” will be strongly grounded in our core as a learning-centered college.

Please take a look at a recent monograph from the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement entitled Guided Pathways Demystified . You can download the paper at

As we move to implement Guided Pathways at PVCC, I encourage you to continue to follow the progress of the Maricopa Transformation work at the system level.


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