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MCCCD Budget Update

This weekend Chancellor Glasper shared this statement regarding the outcome of the Governor’s signed budget for FY16 “Maricopa is officially at zero funding after this fiscal year and are removed from the statute for operational and capital funding moving forward.”  Vice Chancellor Thompson also commented “…there is no plan at this time to make operational budget reductions in the General Fund…” 

In light of the move by the State to no longer fund the Maricopa Community Colleges, please review the two articles linked below that speak directly and powerfully to the efficacy of the work we do.

Jack W. Lunsford , CEO of the Arizona Community College Coordinating Council, which comprises the leaders of Arizona’s 10 community college districts, writes how “Community Colleges Make Arizona Richer.”

Paul J. Luna is President/CEO of Helios Education Foundation and Tommy Espinoza is President/CEO of Raza Development Fund, write on the role of the Maricopa Community Colleges in “Bridging the Latino Achievement Gap.”

MCCCD will continue to move in entrepreneurial directions to identify new and innovative  sources of funding and I will keep up updated on the specific impact on PVCC.


Women’s History Month

This week I am joined by Andrea Parrella, Adjunct faculty member, who provides an engaging overview of the ongoing Women’s History month events.

I attended the opening session featuring Dr. Lois Roma-Deeley’s thought provoking poetry reading and I encourage you to attend the up-coming sessions.

Please take a look

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