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PVCC Moving Forward – Fall 2014

Greetings all,

What a great start to the Fall semester. My deepest thanks to everyone who helped make the first week of classes a wonderful success.

In this week’s video blog, I address several milestone accomplishments and a number of initiatives that will move us forward this fall. Take a look. 




Welcoming New Students

Greetings all,

Welcome to Fall semester 2014.

It is “all about relationships” as students begin their learning experience at PVCC. As we welcome new students on campus soon, I thought I’d share some practical advice.


  • Intentionally reach out to students and make contact. “Can I help you find something today?” “Hi how are you today?” “Is there something I can help you with?” “Hi welcome to PVCC.”
  • If you can, walk with a student to the office or area to which you have directed them.
  • Identify a person that they can see in another area rather than just sending them to an office.
  • Make a commitment to say hello to ten students everyday.
  • Look for students who may need help (i.e. students looking at the College directories/maps, students walking around campus holding their class schedule, and students with that “lost look”)
  • Be an advocate for the great programs at PVCC – academic advising, counseling, LSC, student life, etc.
  • Commit to getting ten students involved on campus – with Student Life, Learning Support Center, career services, counseling,  honors, etc.
  • Know the factors that favorably impact student success – Intentional activities and service delivery that fosters a student’s ability to: establish meaningful relationships with other students, faculty, and staff; create meaningful connections to the College; establish connections between why they are here and where they plan to be in the future (goal setting); navigate through our systems, processes and procedures (know the rules – how to play the game); and get involved on campus.

Complied by the New Students@PVCC Task Force

One last reminder -   Sign up to help at the Information Station in front of our new Welcome Center.

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